— 16 april 2016 —

The dream of a casino on Phu Quoc is closing in

The construction of the casino on Phu Quoc is in full swing. The rumors that thrives on the island says that the opening date is set to December 24, 2016. 
We on CasinoOnPhuQuoc are all waiting with big hope for the law change that’s needed to make gambling legal for the people of Vietnam.

— 04 april 2016 —

Korean’s Taekwang Group began the construction of the Phu Quoc Vocational Training School

On January 9th, Korean’s Taekwang Group in association with the Kien Giang provincial People’s Committee began the construction of the Phu Quoc Vocational Training School in Ham Ninh commune, Phu Quoc district. Vocational training schools Phu Quoc is built on an area of 80,000 m2 in Bai Vong Hamlet, Ham Ninh Commune, Phu Quoc District, Kien Giang Province invested by Taekwang Group. The school is part of the US$10 million grant project sponsored by Taekwang, and is expected to be completed and put into operation in September 2017.

With the educational model of RoK’s Deakyoung University After the inauguration, put into operation operation Each year, the school will train around 350 high-skill students for different jobs, such as hotel management, casino, beauty care, cooking, and information technology.

This is the first Vocational training school is built on Phu Quoc Island from foreign sources with modern scale, synchronous infrastructure, vocational training to meet the advanced model. Operated schools will train human resources according to international standards, providing skilled labor high tourism labor market and promote the development of Phu Quoc in the context of international integration.

— 21 january 2015 —

Government approves casino for Phu Quoc Island

The southern province of Kien Giang has got the government’s green light for a casino on the tourist island of Phu Quoc. The casino will be part of a tourist complex that will also have other amusement facilities, the government office has announced, saying that the PM has ordered the investment ministry to collaborate with Kien Giang to study the project. In a proposal submitted to the government last year, the province’s authorities said the 30,000-square-meter casino would have 200-400 gambling tables and 2,000 gambling machines. Investors need to bring in a minimum of US$ 4 billion.

— 15 april 2015 —

New location for Phu Quoc casino project

The Ministry of Construction has asked the Prime Minister for approval of a new location for a big-ticket recreational project comprising a casino on the resort island of Phu Quoc off mainland Kien Giang Province. The ministry said it would be easier to call for investors to develop the project if it is located adjacent to Vinpearl Resort. The current site of the project is in Da Chong Ward in Bai Thom on the island. The proposed location covers 37 hectares as part of the zone for luxury tourism facilities in the northwest of the island.

— 2 march 2015 —

Vietnam casino bill: $4 billion required

Investors should have at least US$ 4 billion worth of capital and ten years of experience in tourism management to be allowed to open a casino in Vietnam, which is only open to foreigners, the Ministry of Finance suggested in its draft decree. Investors will only receive the operation license when they have completed construction on the tourism, service, and entertaining complex where the casino is located. They are also requested to equip brand new machines, which should have adequate origins and technical certificates, at the venues.

— 8 nowember 2014 —

Phu Quoc island to have casino, special economic zone

Phu Quoc has attracted 200 projects, of which 112 projects have been granted investment certificates, with a total area of 4,850 hectares and total investment of VND 135 trillion. Eighteen projects have been completed, totaling VND 6.849 trillion. The island’s technical infrastructure has developed rapidly. Phu Quoc Island has also been connected to the national grid. The Island has four large freshwater lakes. In Phu Quoc, freshwater resources are abundant and lakes are above the sea level so there is no risk of salinity. If the Phu Quoc special economic zone is approved, the island will have a Chief Executive, who works under the management of the People’s Committee of Kien Giang Province. The Chief Executive will be authorized with some functions and powers that belong to the Chair of Kien Giang province, Ministers and even the Prime Minister.

— 14 august 2014 —

Finance ministry proposes allowing Vietnamese to gamble at home

Any Vietnamese above 21 years of age with adequate financial ability will be allowed to gamble at home, the finance ministry said in the draft decree. In its previous draft versions, the ministry proposed that only international punters and foreign passport holders should be permitted to enter casinos operating in Vietnam. Gamblers will be required to present documents proving they are eligible for gambling before entering a gaming venue, the ministry’s draft decree says, adding that these documents include identity cards in the case of Vietnamese residents and passports and visas for foreigners and overseas Vietnamese.

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